548178 Patients Benefitted

School Health Services

Screening of Students Under the School Health Programme

The test includes:

Height, Weight, BMI, Vision Acuity, Refraction Errors, Blood Pressure, ECG, Heart Rate, Spirometry test, SPO2, Dental Screening, ENT, Skin Screening.

We also take this opportunity to reiterate that the following services would be available both to the students as well as the school after installation of the telemedicine facility:

(a) To the students

  1. Annual Medical Checkup
  2. Recording data on the website to create PHR.
  3. Referral of students who require attention of a specialist, to referral centers and subsequent follow up of these cases.
  4. Access to school health portal.
  5. Unique Health ID card to every student.
  6. Comprehensive personal health information
  7. Global access to one’s own health record
  8. Allergies / Drug Reaction information
  9. Medication information
  10. Enhanced health awareness among the students
  11. Increased academic performance of the students as a result of improved health
  12. Easy access to one’s own health across the globe through Permanent Health Record

(b) Service to School Management

  1. Assistance in setting up a Medical Room within school Premises
  2. Close liaison is maintained by the school medical team with the school authorities
  3. Analysis of Medical Check-up to detect early warning signs
  4. Health profile of the school-Disease wise
  5. Regular MIS to school Authorities
  6. Accessibility of PHR to School Medical Officer & Staff Nurse
  7. Regular updating data in PHR
  8. Discounted Consultations & Investigations
  9. All these facilities can be extended to parents and the siblings of the students.

(c) Benefits of Program

  1. Help students develop knowledge and skills to make smart choices.
  2. Detection of early warning signs.
  3. Future planning to meet any emergency situation.
  4. Nutritional supplements can be provided.
  5. Know how about the needs of special children.
  6. Access to health record in case of emergencies.

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